We are specialized in (big) data analytics, data science and consulting services. Depending on the client’s needs we use a variety of tools and technologies to offer the best possible solution. You can learn more for typical services by clicking the images below or you can contact us.

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Data Science & Analytics

Developing an efficient and effective data science solution requires combining several technologies:

  • For data storage and management we can use Hadoop, SQL Server, MySQL or NoSQL databases to name a few.
  • Data modeling is done in Python or R and we apply different algorithms and techniques, such as linear regression, decision trees, K-means clustering, neural networks, predictive analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, etc.
  • Data visualization is the final part where the underlying work is rendered visually. Technologies we use include Python libraries (Bokeh, Plotly, Matplotlib), Knime and Tableau.

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SQL Server Data Warehousing

SQL Server Data Warehousing it’s a powerful and modern data warehousing tool. It can perform in-database R analytics, consolidate disparate data sources, and includes built-in mobile BI. Also it’s available on-premises, as Azure virtual machine, or completely on the cloud (Azure SQL Data Warehouse).
Our long time experience with SQL Server platform combined with the data analytics knowledge enable us to offer quick and inexpensive data warehousing solutions.

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Splunk monitors and analyzes machine data from any source to deliver Operational Intelligence to optimize your IT, security and business performance. With intuitive analysis features, machine learning, packaged applications and open APIs, Splunk is a flexible platform that scales from focused use cases to an enterprise-wide analytics backbone.
Depending on your needs we can install and configure Splunk Enterprise or Light in your premises or we can do everything on the cloud using Splunk Cloud.

Our Team

Pragmatic Analytics team combines experience and knowledge with youthness and enthusiasm.

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