Splunk based Solutions

Splunk makes it simple to collect, analyze and act upon the untapped value of the big data generated by your technology infrastructure, security systems and business applications. By combining the power of splunk with our know-how we give you insights to drive operational performance and business results.

By using Splunk Analytics for Hadoop in top of Splunk Enterprise we can give your business the ability to store and analyze terabytes of data. Additionally using Splunk DB Connect we can integrate your relational databases and Splunk ODBC driver it’s possible to integrate Splunk dashboards and reports into your Business Intelligence software of choice.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence provides a base for weighed and wise decisions to empower your business. By using proper data collection, reporting and rich analysis techniques, you will build actionable business strategies and tactics to reach your aims.
Pragmatic Analytics offers end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) services to convert raw data into meaningful, reliable and consistent insight. We help our Customers stay on top of the information while implementing strategies or evaluating business performance. Our BI solutions & services allow you to:

  • eliminate guesswork
  • get adequate answers to your business questions
  • get key business metrics reports
  • get insight into consumer behavior
  • determine cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • streamline operations
  • adjust production for greater profitability

Our platform of choice is Microsoft SQL Server but we can also work in other data warehousing platforms.

Consulting & Nearshoring

Our data analytics consulting team translates data into insight that you can use to optimize just about every area of your business. Data-driven decisions get the best possible outcomes, and we’re experts in the full spectrum of skills that help you get the most out of the information we gather about your organization. These skills include data planning, business intelligence, data science, predictive analytics, machine learning and more.

Similar culture and mentality, fluency in English, similar time zone with all EU countries and very competitive prices make us a perfect partner for your business. Our nearshoring services combine short on-site visits with off-site development in our office.

Software Development & more

In collaboration with the sister company Pragmatic Software we can complement the above services with custom software development, IT services and more. Find out more details here.